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Kite activeCARIBE Lessons:
Our IKO certified instructors with many years of experience will provide you with a professional, friendly, fun and individual approach to the lesson. We teach in Polish, English and Spanish.
All lessons are conducted with the latest equipment available on the market, we also provide radio communications with lessons in the water which facilitates learning and gives a sense of security.
All students receive IKO Kite Boarders Card statement given level of kite boarding.
Kite Flying: 3h
  • Practice on the sand with a land kite.
  • Theory of the kitesurfing wind window and safety.
  • Introduction to a water kite.
  • Body drag with your kiteboarding instructor
Body Dragging: 3h
  • Launching, landing and setting up equipment
  • Water re-launch simulation
  • Body drag Underpowered
  • Kite Water re-launching
Water Start: 3h
  • Advanced body dragging techniques
  • Entering and exiting water with Board
  • Use Kite power to stand up
  • First water starts with a board
Riding: 3h
  • Priority Rules
  • Water start in both directions
  • Edging the Board
  • Short Up wind Rides Powered
4 day beginner package: 12h
  • Kite flying
  • Body dragging
  • Water start
  • Riding
  • Refresh your skills with an instructor and radio instruction



  One to one
Group of two
Kite Flying: 3h $70 p/h $50 p/h
Body Dragging: 3h
$70 p/h $50 p/h
Water Start: 3h $70 p/h $50 p/h
Riding: 3h $70 p/h $50 p/h
4 day beginner
package: 12h
$700 $500
Refresher: 3h $70 p/h
$50 p/h
*Price p/person
*The prices include the equipment, the insurance, radio instruction and certification!