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Swim activeCARIBE
is a Swimming School in north of Dominican Republic providing swimming lessons to Parents & Babes, Children and Adults in exclusive private developments, homes, hotels and schools. Swim activeCARIBE programme will provide you with essential skills such as water confidence, water safety, strokes and breathing techniques in a pool and the sea.
Swim activeCARIBE
use an all-inclusive programme which takes the non-swimmer from his or her first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water. Swim activeCARIBE objective is to teach students in a fun, pleasant and stress free atmosphere according to ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) British Awards Plan.
The swimmer’s journey
 through ActiveCaribe following the ASA Awards System will result in the development of a wide range of skills. These skills are a jigsaw of pieces and when put together result in a competent, confident and safe swimmer who has the skill base for developing technique in a wide range of water based sports.