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Swim activeCARIBE Classes:

- Individual, double or groups lessons

- 30 Minutes sessions or 1 hour for advance swimmers

- Personalized lesson plan considering the specific needs of each student.

- Instructor work in the water increasing the student’s water confidence and creating a positive environment during lesson.

 Parent & Baby - 6month to 3.5years

A fun class with play activitis aimed at increasing the baby's water confidence and free movement. It also teaches safe handling of babes in the water.



Children - 3.5 to 5years
Children enter to the water without their parents. Classes helps to develop aquatic skills such as floating, breath control and water confidence, essential for efficient swim stroke development.

 Children - 5years and over

Classes focus on further swim stroke technique and skill development, whilst helping develop deep water confidence. Children begin to swim greater distances to ensure strength, stamina and water fitness.


Adult - beginners

If you are new to the water or need to improve your confidence, our classes help develop the skills required to enable stroke development.


Adult - improvers

Classes focus on swim stroke technique and skill development.